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(subconscious comics)
How to make subcomics:
1. Draw a panel or two. You have about two minutes.
2. Pass the paper to a friend. Your friend has two minutes, too.
3. Keep taking turns till the comic is done.
4. Add a title if you want. Your masterpiece is complete!
Warning: Subcomics are not pretty. They come from our collective subconscious, which can sometimes be a scary, vulgar place. 
The Monster Planet
A strange, somewhat insane story featuring some famous characters and dirty words from our solar system - and beyond.
Kory, Gina, and John's first subcomic. 
Starting panel by John.
Honk? Foom! Poink! Whoosh! 
Another action packed Kory and Ginohn production.
Starting panel by Kory.
The illustrated annotated circle of life.
Started by Gina, continued by Kory and John.
The Big Game
It's the big game! Schizoid cheerleaders vs. psycho basketball players. We're really not sure about this one.
By Margit, Kory, Gina, Gary, and John.
Thump! Thump!
Up the Junction with some strange but lovable creatures.
By Kory, Margit, Gary, and Gina.
Bigmouth has a secret.
By Sev, John, Kory, Gina, Margit, and Gary.
Dirty Rat...
Geez, How dirty can a rat get? Find out! You'll be sorry you did.
By Gina, Margit, Sev, Gary, Kory, and John.
The time will come when our Personal Digital Assistants will help us with practically anything. That time is not now.
By Shaun, Mi Ae, Kory, Margit, Gina, and Sev.
Art for Sake
Art can be hard on you. Luckily, Subcomics don't require Art to cooperate much.
By Sev, Gina, Margit, and Kory.
Tough Day at the Orifice
As luck would have it, there are tiny people living inside of you, making sure you stay clean.
By Margit, Gina, Sev, Mi Ae, Shaun, and Kory.
Headed South
I remember when the Comic Code didn't allow snakes, let alone two-headed ones.
By Kory, Margit, Gina, and Sev.
That's Cold...
Mother Nature tries her best...
By Gina, Sev, Margit, and Kory. 
Diver Damned?
Innocent treasure hunter, or doomed to drown? Follow the not-so-deep adventures of our damned hero.
By Sev, Kory, Gina, and Margit.

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first 3 comics drawn out of the group reptilian mind on 2/16/1
last automatic update 9/5/1