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The Mysterious Reappearance of Ginohn

Hi! We are alive and well. We’ve just been completely negligent about keeping this updated. John used to ask me to do it every week, and I did. But he doesn’t anymore. And I’m just a big old social networking addict, and have no time for anything else. Actually, I recently made the rule for myself – no internet before 5pm, and that’s helping a bit.

So, to pick up where I last left off, (looking at my calendar here) I guess the next event was a visit to the same laser tag place we went for Dave’s birthday – just ‘cuz this time. Well, mostly Chris wanted to do it and got a bunch of people together. We had lots of fun. As I recall we had us, Chris, Dave, Andy, Alison, TVTom, and Rich. I could be remembering wrong, tho. 

That was Friday March 13th. Nothing on the calendar from Saturday, and Sunday was Brandon’s memorial service. It was a lovely service (led by Izolda) and well attended. We stayed until the end to help clean up, and spent more time with at Dorian and Amethyst’s house afterwards.

The next Saturday was the Empty Bowls event my pottery group puts on almost every year (this was our 3rd or 4th event, but we skipped last year). It went extremely well, and we raised over $5000 for Help -By-Phone.

We had dinner at Rich and Izolda’s on that Sunday (22nd). It was a lovely gathering of friends.

The next Thursday night I went up to NYC with Renee and Alex for the weekend. We stayed at Renee’s parent’s place in Queens. We all sat down for breakfast together every morning, and Renee’s mom Amy made me oatmeal every morning too. After breakfast on Friday we went to lower Manhatten to buy some tickets to a Broadway show. We ended up with tickets to a matinee of Shrek: the Musical for Saturday (still quite expensive at half price!). As we walked from there toward the site of the twin towers, I overheard something I submitted to Overheard in NY: Teen girl: “New York couldn’t survive without the sun!”

We missed the observation platform for the construction at the twin towers site, and started to make our way north and east to a vegan ice cream store I’d found out about on the interwebs. We walked a long way, through Little Italy where the smells were delicious, and finally arrived at a very cute hole in the wall. All the vegan ice cream was made on site, but I was pretty disappointed. It wasn’t really very good. The vegan ice cream So(y) Delicious, that you can buy in any health food store, is way better. 

From there we walked to Greenwich Village and The Strand bookstore where we spent a good chunk of time. Then it was on to the Upper West Side, I believe, to get dinner before the Jonathan Coulton/ Paul and Storm show at Symphony Space. We were looking for an Indian place Amy had told us of, but couldn’t find it. We went into an Asian fusion place called Ozen, where my Thai curry was num num nums!

I had some left over and Alex kindly stored it in his Strand man bag. We went to the show and I videotaped a lot of it with my little Lumix camera, but I was holding it low so it wouldn’t be seen (wasn’t sure what the policy there was), and didn’t notice that sometimes it wasn’t able to focus. A fellow JoCo Forum member posted the whole show on youtube, though, so it’s okay. Meanwhile, Alex discovered that my Thai food had leaked in the bag and all over their camera. There was not much more in the bag, and while it was annoying and gross, Alex and Renee were able to get the pics they had off the camera and had been looking for an excuse to buy a new one anyway.

After the show I was waiting around, and RnA were in the bathrooms, when Jonathan walked up the aisle toward the back to start the meet and greet. Since he was walking right by me I said Hi, and he paused and came over and said Hi and gave me a little hug. :D

It was rather chaotic since there wasn’t a set area or a line, folks were just milling about. But Jonathan was busy with other fans so I went to talk with Paul and Storm and get a picture with my Minion shirt on with them (I am Souvenir Photo Minion). I gave them a little gift bag with some ceramic shot glasses I’d made and a cd of Lincoln by Lincoln (because I thought they’d like it). Then I talked to JoCo for a bit, gave him a box with a piece of pottery I made (a pretty little jar), and the same cd I gave Paul and Storm. 

Saturday we met up with Justine, Renee’s cousin, and walked around Times Square a bit before going to see Shrek: The Musical at the Broadway Theater. The seats were very close on the right side, maybe a little too close – and the seats themselves were low and cradling – and tightly packed -you felt kind of like a comfortable sardine. The show was great. I have only been to two shows on Broadway before (around 15 years ago), and neither were quite like this. The sets were amazing, and the costumes too. The show was very fun and funny and even sad at times, and totally ridiculous. The singing and dancing was good too. We had a great time. We went through Central Park and had a great time there, and headed to Candle 79 at my behest to try this most highly rated vegan restaurant in NYC. Even though I’d meant to, I neglected to make a reservation. They were going to turn us away when they decided they could slide us into a 45 minute slot – we weren’t allowed to order appetizers or dessert. Alex and I did have beers (and they were fantastic) and I ordered dessert to go – which wasn’t worth the $ for what I got. Actually it was the most expensive dessert I’d ever had. TWELVE dollars for a little chocolate tort thingy, and it just was not amazing. It was okay. But I LOVED my food – the special of the day involving encrusted  seitan, mushrooms, potatoes, and pineapple salsa on top. Every bite wonderful. 

Then we walked around looking for dessert for everyone else (ended up at a grocery store), and then we went to the Planetarium for a laser light show. It averages to pretty cool. Parts were great and parts I really didn’t care for. When you felt like you were shooting through space or swimming around a surreal universe I really liked that. The parts I didn’t care for were strange – like eerie faces floating around in patterns or bits of what looked like old home movies floating across the screen. It was Alex’s birthday so we talked about going to a bar or something afterwards but Justine needed to head home and we decided we were pretty wiped out as it was. So that was it for the night. And Sunday we drove back to MD.

Kory came to town on April 1st or so, then left with Jake and Ingrid on Friday for Columbus, OH. John, Dave and I left Saturday, June 3, to meet up with them at The Gathering Of Friends. Here is Dave’s report.

I’m going to post this now so there is SOMETHING new up, but of course I have a lot more to go to get caught up to current day. It will probably be a couple of weeks before I do that. See ya!

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